More dope shoes!

Last time I posted a picture of some Greek-inspired shoes, you guys went nuts. Well, who am I to deny the demands of the crowd? Here are Mercury’s/Hermes’ trainers!


What kind of company uses the memory of WWI to sell products?

If you’re not from the UK, Sainsbury’s is a leading chain of supermarkets. It has received a fair bit of criticism for releasing a Christmas advert that focuses on the events of the 1914 ‘Christmas Truce’.

The criticism largely rests on the fact that a supermarket chain is exploiting an emotially-charged piece of history in order to promote its commercial offering.

However, there are also some flaws in the history as well. The Christmas Truce is a legend that keeps growing.

But there is also a positive side to all this. When the rival firms are exploiting the emotionally-charged first brushes with romance, it is refreshing that a company has decided to focus on a historic event. It is a particularly bold step to take when that event happened in the middle of a war, and your primary range of goods is groceries. I think Sainsbury’s should be rewarded for its boldness by more publicity, like this.

Historical Etsy by @HistoricalHoney

This week I have arranged a blog swap with Historical Honey, which is a cracking site with loads of bitesize bits of history. It is particularly good if you are a fan of Anne Boleyn. Here they give us the rundown on what Etsy has on offer for history buffs.

Have you come across Etsy yet? NO! That’s mental! So, Etsy brings you the very best handmade and vintage supplies, made by real people, alongside collectables and vintage memorabilia! I have trawled the site, and sifted through the very weird and very wonderful; to showcase some of the ingenious and most-creative historically themed items you can buy on Etsy. Credit cards at the ready!

1. The Curious Printery

Why So Fun?

Their prints are beautifully winsome; all printed on antique book pages from old Victorian books. Illustrations range from elephants, magic top hats and krakens. Prints have golden decorative borders and some of the designs have authentic age spots that add to the whimsical charm.

2. Woody & Switch

Why So Cool?

For all you guys out there, I know you’re going to love this shop! Lads love gaming and what better way to deck out your bachelor pad than with a vintage video game lamp or charging dock! Yes…you can buy a charging dock made out of an Atari 2600 joystick!

3. Kindling Vintage

Why So Great?

If your home lacks in historical elegance, visit Kindling Vintage to cash in on some of their bargain bygone ornaments. From candlesticks and bookends, to vintage books and wall hooks; this store brings you the best of vintage shops from the comfort of your own home!

4. Wills Attic

Why So Amazing?

If you are a fan of vintage comics, coins or figurines, then Wills Attic is the shop for you. There is even the occasional trading card or dollar bill from the early 1900’s.

5. ProjectBunny

Why So Immense?

Who doesn’t want to see a portrait Henry VIII or the Bronte sisters with an added set of bunny ears?

6. PunsIntended

Why So Fab?

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Cool art with great puns: ‘Monroe Your Boat’ and ‘Toulouse LauTrek’. They have added some really fun ones recently too. A favourite: Jackson Five (Andrew Jackson, US President)!