Are bows the weapon-du-jour for modern heroines?

So, I’ve noticed recently that bows and arrows are cropping up a lot in films. I’ve covered swords in other blogs, and why the Avengers, in general, need to upgrade for the 21st Century, but now it seems we’ve got to have words with the ladies. Because you’ve all gone and gotten tooled up with bows and arrows. And it’s scaring me.


Dale at The Fourth Wall makes some interesting observations about the new archery trend, tying it back to goddesses like Artemis, or the Amazons (who allegedly chopped off a boob in order to use the bow better).

While it’s a perfectly acceptable back story, in think there’s probably another explanation. And it lies in what the bow itself represents. I have a slight suspicion that it might stem from a desire to keep our heroines out of immediate danger. However, the two modern ladies I’m going to feature in this article absolutely buck that trend.


Katniss Everdeen and Lara Croft both go through absolute hell in their adventures. They both suffer such brutal poundings that you can’t really argue that a bow and arrow keeps them out of physical danger.

However, there are other parallels. They both get stuck waist-deep in survival situations, where a simple easy-to-maintain weapon with a reusable ammunition is a massive advantage. Could you consider them a more skilled weapon than a gun? It’s open for debate. But there is (possibly) something more feminine about archery. Just ask Legolas.

So I guess what I’m saying is, can we let the girls explore the armoury a bit? I’d like to see what they do with the maces! And god only knows they’ve been scrounging on the armour…

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