A Quiet Word With: The Enigmatic Australians Behind @WtfRenaissance

The acerbic wits behind WTF Renaissance are not the first people to notice how ridiculous Renaissance paintings were. But they are possibly the first people to highlight that ridiculousness by contrasting pictures with droll C21st captions in a very successful Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook trio that has spawned many imitators, but no equals. For this reason, we thought it was high time that History Mine had a chat with the mysterious individuals.

History Mine: Who are you?
WTF Renaissance: The artist(s) choose/s to remain anonymous to protect her/his/their privacy.

HM: What inspired you to create the blog in the first place?
WTFR: A terrible combination of art school, comedy writing and having not much else on. Plus, these paintings are ridiculous.

HM: Do you come across renaissance paintings a lot in your daily life?
WTFR: Only when we Google search them every day.

HM: Does the painting inspire the caption, or the reverse?
WTFR: Both. Sometimes we’ve got some Taylor Swift gear that will not quit. Other times, someone in a painting has weird eyes and we want to talk about that.

HM: What is it about the pictures that makes them comic gold?
WTFR: Our fully sick captions. Actually, we don’t know. But if we don’t laugh while we’re writing them, they don’t get posted. There are a lot that didn’t make the cut.

HM: Will you ever run out of weird renaissance paintings?
WTFR: Never. Sometimes we use non-renaissance paintings and people lose their minds. Their insane comments are far funnier than anything we could ever write.

Everything else will remain a mystery. If you’ve enjoyed this interview, be sure to check out WTF Renaissance on Twitter, WTF Renaissance on Tumblr, and WTF Renaissance on Facebook. You might also enjoy some of our other off-beat interviews.

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