In the name of Shakespeare

Pretty awesome execution on this. I try to shy away from adding too much Shakespeare to the blog, but this really is excellent.

Transmedial Shakespeare

Throughout the entire semester of Transmedial Shakespeare, we looked across the many different ways that Shakespeare managed to make himself and his works an integral part of human culture. We learned the history of Shakespeare, and how back then he was quite different from the cultural icon that he is today.  We attempted to trace the progress of when and how Shakespeare came to be recognized in the modern times, going back and forth across various readings, trying to find the story behind Shakespeare’s rise to prominence in society.  We saw the prominent influence Shakespeare’s many works had on the artists that followed in the centuries after him. We saw him subjected to commercialism, philosophy, parodies, and radical re-interpretations, each one a distinctly different form but always managing to keep in line with the Shakespearian idea.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the course for me, however, was when we…

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