A Bayeux Brofist

I first spotted the ‘Lucas, I am thy father‘ Star Wars-Bayeux Tapestry mash-up meme a while back, and I chuckled to myself, and carried on about my business. However, I have subsequently learned that this wasn’t a one-off, but a glorious conclusion to the Bildwirkerey von Bayeux storytelling project. I saw the URL, I followed the path. It was awesome.

Here’s what I came up with:

Bayeux Bros
This one owes some inspiration to this Hark! A Vagrant strip

Alright, not the most awesome start, but the toolkit is actually pretty limiting. Sure the Bayeux Tapestry is pretty long, but if I want to recreate a Norman Avengers team, can I find the Hulk and Iron Man? No. So there are some limitations.

Bayuex Batman

I mean, get it together guys. People need this kit. For… reasons, and stuff. That said, a lot of the inspiration can come directly from the tools themselves. I mean, check out this guy:

Bayeux Thriller

So, yeah… That was my weekend. How about you?

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